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Friday, January 29th, 2016

We’ve recently joined Instagram and have the grand total of 30 Followers!

So a long way to go yet.

We are trying to upload new photos everyday.

The above photo features Basil who is one of our regular ride-on drivers, it’s already got a like from would you believe John Deere!

If you are looking for great pictures to inspire your garden thinking, then look no further than Gardenproud. You can see us at

If you haven’t already signed up you can download the app for i-phone (IOS) , Android, or Windows phone at the above, or visit your App Store on your phone.

Looking forward to having you as Followers soon!

Gardenproud Photo Highlights 2015

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

2015 was an excellent year for Gardenproud.

Lots of new projects for the landscaping division and some previous projects revisited and updated. Which is all good stuff as gardens evolve.

We went to Chelsea and gleaned inspiration from the latest designs, braved the weather and enjoyed the champagne. We’ve started designing and creating garden buildings as part of our landscaping offer. The Maintenance teams  worked extremely hard to cope with the new assignments, and new gardeners joined the team. We look forward to recruiting more team members in 2016.

It is with great sadness to report that Emmett Gilah, who was a regular member of the team, has unfortunately died. He was an industrious chap and good gardener and far too young to die. Our thoughts go out to his family. Thank you Emmett you will be sorely missed.

2015 was a big year for us, as we moved house. We haven’t moved for 16 years. So had forgotten just how stressy and time consuming the whole process is. Especially when you are also trying to run two businesses. So having beautified our last house and completely re-fashioned the garden, we now have a new garden. So watch this space!

Fortunately shortly after moving we had a holiday. Which was a real tonic. Sarah and I visited a number of gardens during our summer holiday. We went to Madeira, which was an eye opener. We went in August, but if you really want to see the flora, I suggest you go in April or May. But do go. It is a wonderful island and it benefits from a sub-tropical climate. Over the years it has had a strong British influence, so the planting is a bit a mixture between those we see in the UK and more tropical specimens. There is a very good book (which I bought) written by an Englishman, Gerald Luckhurst. He is a landscape architect and has designed and built many gardens on Madeira. Sounds like a rather good job!

Back home and back to work on our plans for the new house and various gardens.

So here we are already in 2016. A new house, a new garden, a greenhouse for the first time, some new possible avenues, new projects and new gardens. Oh yes, we’ve got a little more savvy on the media front – we are already on Facebook, we are now on Instagram! I think we have the grand total of 30 followers, so do look us up (my son claims to have 1400)!  I don’t believe him.

See us at

Enough said, 2016 looks busy, I’d better stop writing and get on with it!

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015 – a photo walk through the gardens of 2014 with Gardenproud

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Just a glimpse at some of the gardens we have created, maintained, visited and enjoyed during the year.

Looking forward to 2015.

We hope you all have a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year celebration.

For more information about Gardenproud, our Garden Maintenance, Garden Design and Landscaping services please contact Tim Sykes on 07725 173820, or at

Happy New Year from View

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

View is the quarterly update from Gardenproud on what’s new in the garden.

The new 2014 edition is out now. You can order a copy in the post, or via email. Just send an email request to

In this quarter’s edition are Gardening Tips, 2013 Highlights from Gardenproud, some ideas for Window Boxes, details of our latest Equipment updates – of special interest to the demands of larger gardens, our latest recruit, and news of our latest Design Projects.

Gardenproud braves today’s blizzard conditions

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Today in Tunbridge Wells. Gardenproud 4 wheel drive vehicles switched from their everyday role of ferrying gardening equipment to helping sister company Houseproud get their cleaning staff to clients homes.

The weather in and around Tunbridge Wells turned particularly bad overnight and many roads were impassable this morning.

But the Jeep and Land Rover trucks came into their own and battled through the icy weather to clients homes.

Here Sarah, MD of Houseproud stands bracing herself against the fierce blizzard conditions. See Houseproud at

The latest edition of View is out now!

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

The latest edition of the Gardenproud Newsletter is out now.

Entitled “View” the newsletter is a quarterly perspective on what’s new in the garden.

View looks at the latest news from Gardenproud considering both garden maintenance challenges and solutions. It also looks at the opportunities for design and landscaping that will help bring you more enjoyment to your outdoor space, whether it’s a small town garden, or a large country estate.

View is available as a pdf or as a printed copy. Either of which we are happy to email or post directly to you.

To receive your copy just contact us at stating whether you prefer an emailed or posted copy. In the case of the latter please provide us with your name, address and postcode.

Alternatively you can go to the “Contact” section of our website and complete a request form there.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy your garden this year.

Tim Sykes

Have you got long shingle driveways or pathways on your land?

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Gardenproud have just invested in a new piece of equipment for those long shingle pathways.

A number of our clients have long shingle pathways and driveways which need regular maintenance.

Todate the only way of handling this has been to have a number of gardeners armed with rakes and shovels working their way down the pathways. This can be a long labourious task and can obviously be expensive.

Well we now have a rather simple looking machine that attaches to our 3 point hitch on the rear of our tractor. It’s called a land leveller – some describe it as a land plane. This is lowered behind the tractor and dragged behind the machine.

The land leveller cuts into the pathway and lifts the loose shingle, depositing back on the pathway and creating a clean level surface. Surface weeds are also loosened so that they can more easily be disposed of. The device is also useful if you are planning on topping up the shingle.

Gardenproud decided to start with a land leveller that was 48” wide, this means that both smaller pathways and wider driveway expanses can be attacked with one machine.

Tim Sykes comments, “ the jury is out on whether we need a bigger machine, but we are hoping that the impact of this versus the rake is so significant that maintenance turn-around on pathways will be much improved.”

“The leveller also doubles up as a useful tool (in combination with a rotovator) for levelling large expanses of soil for laying new lawns. It is also a clever device for lifting surface rocks and stones. So I can see this coming in useful on the next big turfing project we take on,” comments Tim.

If you have any pathways or driveways with loose shingle or gravel that need attention contact Tim Sykes at Gardenproud on 07725 173820.

Gardenproud adds new Compact Tractor to fleet

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Gardenproud has just added a new compact tractor to its growing portfolio of equipment. The John Deere x748 comes with a 54″ mulching deck and roller. With AWD it can tackle just about any terrain, and will happily mow large gardens to small-medium sized estates up to 15 acres. And of course will put beautiful stripes on it!

This is the second recent addition to the expanding lawn care service from Gardenproud. The company recently purchased a Husqvarna ride-on mower with a narrow front mower deck, designed to get through 4′ garden gates. This machine is no spring-chicken either and is easily capable of mowing lawns 1-2 acres.

The X748 also has a multitude of applications, with a rear 3-point hitch and PTO it can drive finishing mowers, flail mowers, rotovators, leaf collectors and chippers. It can even pull a plough! At the front end built-on hydraulics means it can support a snow plough, snow thrower, forks, even a shovel!

So we are expecting great things!

Only problem was we had to buy an even bigger trailer!!

So all you people out there with large properties who want to avoid the cost of buying or maintaining equipment need to contact us fast, as we’d love to help you maintain your lawns!

For further information about Gardenproud’s lawn care, or general garden maintenance service contact Tim Sykes on 07725 173820.