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Have you got a folly in your garden?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

They are fun, mysterious, dramatic and a real feature.

The aristocracy  nearly always had one in their garden.

No it’s not a water feature, but it could be!

It’s a folly.

This might have been a castle rampart, a tower, an obelisk, a grotto, even a Roman temple.

The UK is said to have more architectural follies than anywhere else in the world.

They were extremely fashionable among landowners in England and France in the 18th century.

The Penshaw Tower was a folly erected by the first Earl of Durham in 1844. Source Wikipedia.

The Chinese Pagoda at Kew Gardens is another awe inspiring vista.

OK so we haven’t quite reached these pinacles of grandure yet but we are designing and incorporating our very own follies.

Here’s one we have just created and sits rather beautifully in a garden in Tunbridge Wells.

So the folly is a doorway that leads nowhere, but that looks authentic and creates a point of focus and illusion that the garden extends somewhere else!

Possibly a secret garden?

We designed and built this folly in 2011. We can help you create similar dramatic vistas.

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