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Create a Garden in Mayfield!

Sunday, December 4th, 2011


Quite simply – create a garden!

The Client had recently moved into a new home at an exclusive estate in Mayfield, East Sussex.

The developer had provided them with a large garden with a basic grassed area surrounded by some hedge screening.

-       There were no flower beds

-       The site was exposed to rabbits and other animals

-       The land steeply fell away in places rendering spaces unusable unless cleverly adapted

-       A large volume of building waste still existed above and below ground

-       There was the problem of disguising a water outlet and pipes acting as an overflow to a nearby reed bed

-       The only access to the site was via a flight of 13 steps

The Client wanted the garden to be relatively low maintenance and for areas to harmonize with the surrounding woodland. They also wanted to provide for storage of bikes and garden machinery/equipment and create a log store.


Gardenproud designed a solution that transformed the shape of the rear space and provided for a staged build process that included a garden and enlarged rear terrace.

The site was cleared of rubble and the perimeter was secured to minimize any animal infestation.

The new garden was created incorporating a number of features and focal points. This included an ingenious adaptation of the water outlet into two sets of waterfalls and rockeries with surrounding planting.  It included a woodland pathway leading to a vista point where a new solid oak bench has been erected. Here you can sit and enjoy an extended viewpoint down a waterfall and beyond the garden into a woodland stream below.

A number of specimen trees have been planted to create strong verticals and under one of these a beautiful tree seat has been situated.

There is a shed built on a platform with a composting system fitted behind it, and a log store to its side.  A bike shed separately uses an otherwise wasted corner.

Finally a planting plan was created and the new beds were filled with appropriate shrubs and perennials. All the beds were then mulched.

We are pleased to report that the client was delighted with the finished result and since completing the project Gardenproud have been invited to tender for two further properties on the same development.

A garden to harmonise with a contemporary house transformation

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011


The Client was undertaking a major refurbishment of their house, transforming it from a rather ordinary looking 1960′s property into a contemporary structure reminiscent of North American cedar clad buildings.

The garden was suffering from collateral damage from the building works and this needed remedying.

The Client also wished to create new pathways, a much enhanced pond and water feature, and wanted the terraces refurbished.

Gardenproud were required to dovetail their works schedule with all the contractors on site.


Gardenproud designed a series of pathways and beds that improved the presentation and access around the house.

They also designed a new waterfall feature, plus sandstone surround that helped transform this area into a subtropical terrace thus integrating with the building design.

New centralised steps were incorporated, dramatising the view of the terraces from the garden and improving access.

The upper terrace was cleaned, completely relayed, re-styled and re-pointed to work with new door and window openings.

An area to the side of the house was enhanced with further timber steps, driftwood, rocks and tropical plants.

Finally the lawns were re-turfed and fertilised in areas where they had received heavy damage.

All the works were completed on schedule and project managed by Gardenproud to cause least disruption to the Client, their labrador Nelson and other contractors.

A walled garden in the centre of Tunbridge Wells

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011


Revive and re-integrate 2 gardens previously separated and more recently damaged by extensive building works.

Update a space previously the domain of 2 teenage boys into a multi-purpose garden with a bias towards adults.

Include a water feature to help combat local traffic noise.

Incorporate entertaining areas and extend the use of the garden beyond daylight.

Create focal points and improve the privacy of the area.


Gardenproud designed a garden to harmonise with a new orangery and surrounding terraces. This included creating a series of pathways to integrate the two gardens, designed in a pattern to dramatise the footprint of the house and it’s new extension.

A mediterrenean style pond and fountain were incorporated, creating a point of focus and soothing background noise. Trellis was used to unify the gardens and extend the privacy afforded by the walls.

A central seating area featured a handmade Edwardian bench and 2 unusual urns. Spot and back lighting was built in to create subtle light effects against wall panels and behind trellising – all switched via a remote from inside the new orangery.

A decking entertaining area was incorporated and a folly in the shape of an intriguing doorway made sense of some victorian steps that led nowhere. All the beds were redesigned and replanted and finally the lawn area was relayed.

Phase 2 is to redesign the front garden!