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A Walled Garden in the Centre of Tunbridge Wells

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

We are particularly proud of our most recent garden accomplishment.

This is a delightful walled garden in the centre of Tunbridge Wells which has been given a fresh perspective.

You enter the garden via a gate in the wall. This reveals a beautiful victorian mews house situated along one side and the rear of the garden. It incorporates a large conservatory which has become a key feature of the daytime living space for the retired couple who live in the house. So they spend large chunks of the day looking out onto the garden.

The only problem was that the garden was created before the conservatory extension and thus was poorly configured both in terms of planting, lines of sight and access. Over the years a lot of money had been spent on plants and our clients were keen to retain key specimens. In addition the wife was confined to a wheelchair so improving access was a serious consideration.

So an interesting challenge and potentially a very rewarding outcome.

We created a design that re-orientated the garden, incorporating points of focus and a planting design that lined up with the viewing point of the conservatory. It included a new enlarged courtyard area outside the conservatory and main house entrance. The central planting area was re-designed to incorporate pathways with connecting ramps, a central water feature and garden bench.

Existing plants were replanted in a more logical fashion to enhance views and work alongside a number additional feature plants that were included to help enhance the structure of the new garden. A new enlarged border was created along one flank of the garden this was replanted with a lot of the larger plants moved from the old central bed.

The client is delighted with the finished result and not surprisingly is spending a lot more time enjoying the views.

They commented, “Tim Sykes of Gardenproud immediately saw how to improve our established garden without losing the character of it, something we wanted to protect. He gave us a plan and a costing and we went ahead. All went as predicted with the work being done to a high standard by a very happy team, one we enjoyed having around. We have no hesitation in recommending Gardenproud as a company able to deliver a quality job.” - Stuart and Celia Rankin, Thimble Mews, Camden Park.

For further information please contact Tim Sykes on 07725 173820.