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Make sure you are recycling your garden waste

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Gardenproud have just installed their latest 3 bay composting system for a client in Tunbridge Wells.

This is typically constructed of treated softwood with bays of 1.5m -2m sq and 1m high.

“Many composting systems are poorly made of flimsy materials, or engineered as an afterthought. We build systems to last of heavy duty timber and large profiles.

We are also conscious that clients have to look at the them, so we use fine detailing to suit the garden or surrounding architecture.”
Comments Tim Sykes.

The front of each bay either has a slot arrangement or uses wing nuts so that panels can easily be removed, allowing turning over, or removal of fresh compost.

If you want to improve the recycling in your garden contact Tim Sykes at Gardenproud on 07725 173820.

Have you got long shingle driveways or pathways on your land?

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Gardenproud have just invested in a new piece of equipment for those long shingle pathways.

A number of our clients have long shingle pathways and driveways which need regular maintenance.

Todate the only way of handling this has been to have a number of gardeners armed with rakes and shovels working their way down the pathways. This can be a long labourious task and can obviously be expensive.

Well we now have a rather simple looking machine that attaches to our 3 point hitch on the rear of our tractor. It’s called a land leveller – some describe it as a land plane. This is lowered behind the tractor and dragged behind the machine.

The land leveller cuts into the pathway and lifts the loose shingle, depositing back on the pathway and creating a clean level surface. Surface weeds are also loosened so that they can more easily be disposed of. The device is also useful if you are planning on topping up the shingle.

Gardenproud decided to start with a land leveller that was 48” wide, this means that both smaller pathways and wider driveway expanses can be attacked with one machine.

Tim Sykes comments, “ the jury is out on whether we need a bigger machine, but we are hoping that the impact of this versus the rake is so significant that maintenance turn-around on pathways will be much improved.”

“The leveller also doubles up as a useful tool (in combination with a rotovator) for levelling large expanses of soil for laying new lawns. It is also a clever device for lifting surface rocks and stones. So I can see this coming in useful on the next big turfing project we take on,” comments Tim.

If you have any pathways or driveways with loose shingle or gravel that need attention contact Tim Sykes at Gardenproud on 07725 173820.