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Frosty ferns

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

That’s one thing you don’t want. Those gorgeous tree ferns that cost a fortune getting attacked by the first frost!

You need to start thinking about how you are going to protect your vulnerable plants from the onset of winter. What a depressing thought!

I’ve just today visited one garden where we have prepared the tree ferns and other plants including cordylines for a cold spell.

We’ve found that phormiums are pretty hardy, but cordylines and yuccas can circum to very cold weather, so we always wrap these in a fleece. You can buy these inexpensively from your local garden centre. Botanico make an excellent range of fleece jackets in various sizes. A typical price for a 3 pack of 1m jackets is £6-7.

If the plant is in a pot, wrap the fleece jacket around the plant and draw the cord so that it fits around the pot below.

To look after the tree ferns you need some 1. Straw, 2. Garden twine, 3. Fleece on a roll.

First we hold the leaves (fronds) apart and take a good handful of straw and place this in the crown of the tree fern. Don’t push the straw down to too hard as this may damage or inhibit grown of the new fronds in the Spring.

Hold the fronds together and tie them together. This gives added protection to the crown. The old fronds will eventually die back, but don’t worry about this, this is to make way for the new ones.

We then wrap the upper part of the stem and around the crown in fleece material. Some gardeners advocate wrapping the whole of the stem. Then using the twine affix this to the plant firmly.

For further information about Frost Protection you can contact Tim Sykes at Gardenproud on 07725 173820.