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Know Your Gardener – Andy Knight

Andy Knight

Andy has a great eye for gardening!

He is also one of those lucky people who has led a really interesting life.

Born in Hampton in Middlesex and educated at Christ’s School. His interest in gardening started at an early age, as following school he took a City & Guilds in Gardening then worked as an apprentice gardener for a year. He went onto obtain a Batchelor of Arts degree at Bournemouth University (and has since lectured at the university).

Having achieved his degree Andy worked as a freelance photographer for some years (I won’t say how many)! His passion is portraiture and he has photographed many famous people including Spandau Ballet! But his photogragraphic expertise is much wider and embraces interiors, buildings, and fashion.

He has worked throughout most of Europe and spent some time living on a farm in Italy, near Sienna. During this time Andy worked as a carpenter, he made wine, was a shepherd, he studied at Sienna University, and made cheeses (see what I mean about an interesting life)!

Andy now divides his time between his three great passions; photography, running and gardening.

If you are local to Tunbridge Wells you’ll probably see him out running most days. He recently participated in the Great North Run and usually notches up 15  miles per week!

He is a lecturer in photography at University of Creative Arts at Farnham, and in his spare time he tends his allotment in Tunbridge Wells.

And of course he works for Gardenproud!

Favourite flowers: Sunflowers – remind him of Tuscany
Gardening dislikes: Very Tall Hedges – no head for heights!

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