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Your Gardening Questions -1

- Do you have any advice about pruning wisterias?

Wisteria should be pruned twice a year Jan/Feb and July/August. With winter pruning you can cut back to within 2-3 buds of the main plant structure.

In the summer prune back the whippy shoots, tie back plant into trellis, cutting back to c 5 buds from main structure. With older plants you can cut back further, removing areas where the plant over hangs windows and twist around drain pipes. For further advice see RHS website.

- What is the best way to deal with bulbs once they are over?

Dead head the flower heads after they have bloomed, then leave the plants. The main strategy here is to allow the plants to put it’s energy back into the bulb for next years growth. After a while the stem and leaves will turn brown, then you can cut back and trim off the dead foliage.

- We have recently had a large tree removed from a bank in our garden. Do you have any suggestions for a shrub to replace this?

Berberis is  a large shrub with deep red foliage and all round year colour. The variety – Berberis “Superba” has beautiful purple colouring. It is a vigorous, deciduous shrub. With new bronze red growth, yellow-orange flowers in the Spring then red berries in the Autumn. It can be used as an individual shrub, or hedge. It contrasts well with green hedge plants and adjoining shrubs. It will grow to 2-3m in height.

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