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Useful i-phone and i-pad apps for gardeners

Getting the weather right is a must for keen gardeners. So a good app for the i-phone or i-pad is a really useful tool.

I’ve experimented with a few apps and the one I tend to rely on more than anything is WeatherPro.

It’s provided by the MeteoGroup in Germany and has excellent Apple ratings. At latest inspection it costs around £2.39 to download onto your i-phone. You can also see it at

WeatherPro provides you with local weather reports across the forthcoming 7 days and uses straightforward symbols that even I can understand!

You can review the weather reports on multiple cities across Europe and Globally in your “Locations” store.

The summary report provides you with the overall weather for the day, average temperature, hours of sunshine, the likelihood and degree of precipitation, and wind speed and direction.

Clicking onto any day’s reports unfolds a breakdown of the likely weather pattern  throughout the day.

Watch WeatherPro’s video from U-tube…..

Click Here

To download click on the App Store icon on your i-phone or i-pad and search for WeatherPro.

Watch out for more i-phone app tips, and do let us have your thoughts on other i -phone apps you feel are a must for keen gardeners.

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