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Know Your Gardener – Brett Ketteringham

Brett sights the outdoor lifestyle and closeness to nature among the key attributes of his job.

He started his gardening career in 1995 training at Brooksby Melton College where he gained a National Certificate and
Diploma in Horticulture.

He went onto work as a Field Trials Assistant with what is now known as Garden Organic (the foremost organic society in Europe), before embarking on a more focused gardening career. This led to a spell working with a landscape company, where he was involved with garden projects for commercial enterprises.

Brett then became Solo Gardener in Charge at a 40 acre estate in Tenterton and Head Gardener at a Manor House in Brenchley.

He now helps Gardenproud care for a number of the larger properties in their portfolio. His wealth of experience also involves him in specialist activities including spraying, lawn care, flower meadow creation and maintenance, and small tree felling.

Brett is married to a primary school teacher and lives in Battle, East Sussex.

Outside of gardening his key interest is biking, having just restored an Aprilia RS250 which he plans to take to Track Days.

Favourite flowers:    Dahlias

Gardening dislikes:  Bindweed and Ground Elder

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