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Sister Company Houseproud Launch New Website

Houseproud the sister company to Gardenproud have this week launched a new website.

You can see it at

Director, Sarah Sykes says, “we wanted to create a site that would provide customers and prospects with enhanced information about the breadth of services Houseproud could offer, together with a greater appreciation of the commitment we have to delivering consistent quality.”

Houseproud was established in 1999 by Sarah targeted at the discerning customer base she found to be living in and around the Tunbridge Wells area, “as the name suggests we are targeting customers who are house proud, but haven’t got the time or are unable to complete all the household chores themselves.”

Today Houseproud looks after over 200 properties and supports a growing army of cleaners and ironers. With its operation based in Tunbridge Wells, Houseproud cares for properties as wide afield as Sevenoaks, Lamberhurst, Brenchley, Groombridge and Crowborough. If offers regular household cleaning, ironing and special blitz cleans among it’s core services.

A special feature of the new website are Houseproud’s “Trade Secrets” section. This is hopefully a growing section that includes tips from cleaners vetted by Houseproud that will help people solve everyday cleaning challenges.

For further information you can contact Sarah on 07831 394422, or at

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