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Gardenproud adds new Compact Tractor to fleet

Gardenproud has just added a new compact tractor to its growing portfolio of equipment. The John Deere x748 comes with a 54″ mulching deck and roller. With AWD it can tackle just about any terrain, and will happily mow large gardens to small-medium sized estates up to 15 acres. And of course will put beautiful stripes on it!

This is the second recent addition to the expanding lawn care service from Gardenproud. The company recently purchased a Husqvarna ride-on mower with a narrow front mower deck, designed to get through 4′ garden gates. This machine is no spring-chicken either and is easily capable of mowing lawns 1-2 acres.

The X748 also has a multitude of applications, with a rear 3-point hitch and PTO it can drive finishing mowers, flail mowers, rotovators, leaf collectors and chippers. It can even pull a plough! At the front end built-on hydraulics means it can support a snow plough, snow thrower, forks, even a shovel!

So we are expecting great things!

Only problem was we had to buy an even bigger trailer!!

So all you people out there with large properties who want to avoid the cost of buying or maintaining equipment need to contact us fast, as we’d love to help you maintain your lawns!

For further information about Gardenproud’s lawn care, or general garden maintenance service contact Tim Sykes on 07725 173820.


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