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18 Fresh Gardenproud Ideas for 2018

Friday, December 15th, 2017

From planting ideas, to complete garden transformations, Gardenproud can help you realise your dream.

A beautifully crafted oak pergola

A planting scheme for your summer bulbs

A new composite decking platform

A rear terrace revamp

A contemporary pond

A kitchen garden water supply

A lakeside lounge area

A knot garden

A trellis feature

A new lawn surface

A stunning quiet area surrounded by calm water

Lighting effects that will enlighten you

Cedar clad garden buildings

Entertainment areas to impress the neighbours

A new water feature

A courtyard garden

A chill out spot

Or just a nice new planting scheme.

Whatever your plans for the garden, let us help inspire you in 2018.

Established 10 years ago we help design, build and maintain many gardens throughout Kent and East Sussex.

For further information and a free consultation contact Tim Sykes on 07725 173820, or email us at

Also see our Show Garden at Corker’s, Paddock Wood.

Happy New Year from View

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

View is the quarterly update from Gardenproud on what’s new in the garden.

The new 2014 edition is out now. You can order a copy in the post, or via email. Just send an email request to

In this quarter’s edition are Gardening Tips, 2013 Highlights from Gardenproud, some ideas for Window Boxes, details of our latest Equipment updates – of special interest to the demands of larger gardens, our latest recruit, and news of our latest Design Projects.

A Contemporary Garden in Mayfield

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

A short while ago we were lucky enough to be handed the challenge that a lot of landscapers would relish. A blank canvas. Well nearly. A new contemporary housing development close to Tunbridge Wells that didn’t offer it’s customers a ready made garden solution. So music to our ears!

The garden had a very poor quality lawn that ran into a clay slope featuring a number of decaying trees. One redeeming feature was the stunning view that led across fields to woodland and hills beyond and this was something the customer wanted to enhance. In addition to this our client wanted to create a level lawned area their growing family could enjoy, plus an adult/entertaining area that would allow them to enjoy the sun and the view.

We created a series of design options for the client that achieved their goals and worked with the contemporary nature of the house. This was a joint design exercise between Gardenproud designers Tim Sykes and Paula Beresford.

Our first task was to gain permission to undertake some urgent tree works, which was duly approved. Then we set upon tweaking the landscape to provide the client with their level lawn area, and to enhance the garden shape which would allow us to progress the rest of our scheme.

The upper garden has as its focal point a beautiful oak tree, sitting in the centre of a new oval lawn. Bordering it’s sides are herbacious borders with two stunning zinc coated garden benches facing each other.

A circular tree bench surrounds the oak tree.

To take account of the drop in levels and to reflect the curves of the tree seat and oval lawn, a curved wall was created with two flights of steps leading to a lower, less formal garden area.

This lower garden flows into the woodland below and will feature planting that integrates with the more natural surroundings beyond. The lower garden is also the setting for a decking entertainment area and woodland pathways leading to a lower circular platform. These lower pathways and platform use a bark surface, again designed to merge with the woodland environment.

The decking surface floats on a subframe which appears almost at ground level, but is two steps below the upper pathway.

A new curved sleeper wall creates an interesting addition to the decking surface and supports a narrow side bed.

The decking surface leads to two stepped bark pathways that lead to a lower platform.

Pre-planting the whole scheme is really starting to come together and already represents a dramatic transformation to suit the contemporary surroundings….

The finished result is stunning and we hope will give the client many years enjoyment. We look forward to the next stage which will involve the planting scheme.

For further details of Gardenproud’s design capability and landscaping services please contact Tim Sykes on 07725 173820

Creating an extra room in the Garden

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

A town garden can sometimes signal limited space and here the design task can be to create an environment that is both appealing and has practical attributes.

Just the challenge Gardenproud were looking for when they were asked recently to transform a modest garden in the centre of Tunbridge Wells.

The house is an attractive victorian property that has been extended in a complimentary but modern fashion. A key feature is an orangery extension incorporating a floor to ceiling gabled window.

Patio doors from the extension led onto a small decking terrace/pathway. This had an interesting wave feature that was to become a design cue for the work in the garden.

Elsewhere the garden looked overgrown and dark. A thick outcrop of shrubs, ivy and brambles disguised an attractive rear wall. This overgrown area encroached on what available space there was.

It also just happened to be the sunniest spot of the garden!

The client wanted to brighten up the garden, increase the perception of space, enjoy the sunlight and importantly use the garden more often for entertaining etc.

The Gardenproud team designed a concept that built on the attributes of the lower terrace and created a larger new upper terrace that would benefit from maximum sunlight, new planting areas along the borders and new pathways. They then rebuilt the old lower terrace in new materials.

Many of the old shrubs were temporarily removed and will be replaced by a new planting scheme early 2012. Other shrubs and small trees were pruned so as to remove dead foliage and also open up the garden.

The victorian pavers from the old pathways were cleaned and reused as part of the new scheme.

To help improve privacy and give the garden a more attractive backdrop trellising was erected along the neighbour borders.

As a focal point and to help increase the perception of space and light Gardenproud designed a large mirror to go on the rear wall. This was made locally by Masson Joinery in hardwood. “We designed the mirror to reflect the architecture of the client’s orangery,” commented Gardenproud’s Tim Sykes.

A lighting scheme was designed so as to provide atmospheric colour and shape to the garden at night. It additionally enables outdoor entertaining and illuminates the connecting pathways. This was installed by local electricians Bright Spark. Ingeniously the whole system is operated from a remote controlled switching point in the kitchen/dining area.

One of the key challenges for the team was dealing with the logistics of working in a confined space, including organising deliveries, storing materials, creating work areas and removing waste.

“Parking is also a massive challenge to any tradesman in places like Tunbridge Wells, with the need to drop off and collect equipment and regularly monitor progress. Anyway we managed to overcome these difficulties and have learn’t a lot from the experience,” says Tim Sykes.

The end result speaks for itself and most importantly Sonya our client is delighted with her new garden and looks forward to enjoying it in 2012.

“The garden looks fantastic! We’re very pleased with it and really like the mirror.”

From just £250Gardenproud can provide you with a series of concepts demonstrating how you can transform your garden space.

For a FREE consultation call Tim Sykes on 07725 173820 today, or email us at

2012 – Happy New Garden!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Happy New Year to you all from Gardenproud.

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful garden in full bloom to lift the spirits!

And as we all sit watching The News at Ten and listen to the threat of a double-dip recession we all need something to hang onto.

Well for just £250, plus the dreaded VAT( I’m sorry according to George Osborne this isn’t likely to be coming down yet) we can make you feel better and hopefully inspire you onto greater things!

That’s all it costs for Gardenproud to provide a series of concepts demonstrating how you can transform your garden. It maybe that you just want a fresh look at your planting, or a new terrace designed, or a vegetable garden, or the kids are getting bigger and you need to re-think the front driveway, or maybe you’ve bucked the trend and just moved into a new house and the whole garden needs a re-think. Whatever your desires we have the experience and expertise to help you realise your dream.

Don’t leave it till the tulips come out, call us now and be sure to have a much improved view by the Spring.

For a FREE consultation call Tim Sykes on 07725 173820 today, or email us at

Why Is Decking So Popular in Garden Landscaping?

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

1. Decking can be used to cover unwanted surfaces. The deck is strong enough to ensure that foot traffic is supported. An area which previously was of little use, can be turned around and used for socialising.

2. Decking can be used to give the impression of uniformity by creating steps and levels. In doing so, it has the ability to counteract uneven landscape.

3. It has the added benefits of making the garden easier to navigate around. Garden design is often focused on making better use of space and decking can help achieve this goal.

4. Decking which has been well designed can add value to a property. Decking can be seen as an extension of the property thereby making it look bigger.

Which Materials Are Used For Decking?

There are two popular alternatives, wood and composite. The attraction of using composite originates from its maintenance free characteristics and its lifecycle. On the other hand, wood enjoys a reputation of been resistant to fire (in the case of Cumaru and Ipe woods which have the same fire rating as steel) and a positive interaction with staining, a process which can rejuvenate the wood to make it appear new again. Before choosing one instead of the other, talk to Gatdenproud about the best options for your particular garden.

●      Reasons to consider composite – Low maintenance required, long life and affordability.

●      Reasons to consider wood – Fire resistant, no need for preservatives and sealants, and unaffected by insects, fungus and acids.

Is Decking Hard To Maintain?

By now you know that composite decking requires little care which means that this section is intended for those who have wood decking fitted, which incidentally is also the most popular type of decking in the UK.

Wood decking maintenance takes just a few minutes and revolves around regular cleaning. The more frequent you clean the wood, the less time it will take next time around. Start by making sure that the decking surface is free of any clutter, obstacles and garden furniture. When doing so, do not drag furniture on the surface of the wood as it might scratch the wood. Using a stiff broom brush the area to get rid of any dirt which has accumulated over time. If you have a jet washer wash the wood ensuring that you cover every plank and every edge. Now that the decking is completely clean, you will need to treat the wood. The best result is achieved by using decking oil, which will seal the wood by penetrating the surface leaving a natural looking finish.

Bonus tip – After the winter months, the surface might contain stains from debris, food or any other material. To remove these stains, use soda crystals in conjunction with warm water. Spray warm (not boiling!) water on the surface of the deck and then spray soda crystals. Allow the deck to dry naturally and wash away using a jet wash. This treatment will do wonders and is often cheaper compared to commercial cleaning solution.

If you are considering fitting garden decking, talk to Gardenproud. There are almost endless combinations and very few limitations when using decking, which is why you will benefit from a professional service.

Article kindly provided by Wood and Beyond, vendors of wood products, from solid wood flooring to engineered wood flooring.

Will 2011 be the year to invest in your garden?

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Well if 2010 was anything to go by the answer is yes.

Whilst house prices remained depressed in 2010 latest trends point towards improving access to mortgages and loans, particularly for home owners with or buying properties valued in excess of £500,000.

This could help stimulate sales at the top end of the market.

Apart from the enjoyment you can gain from a beautiful garden, a nicely designed and maintained one can help create a great first impression to potential buyers.  And research consistently shows that house price values or the marketability of a property can be increased significantly when you have an attractive garden.

If you are contemplating a project for 2011 then talk to us first, and from as little as £500 we can help you develop design concepts from which a project can be progressed.

We also have ground working teams who can carry out any hard landscaping and plants men on tap who can help with the soft landscaping.

Whether it’s a new space for the barbecue, a patio, a decking area, a water feature or a children’s play area you are looking for, or a complete garden re-design, call Tim Sykes on 07725 173820, or contact us at