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Happy New Year from View

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

View is the quarterly update from Gardenproud on what’s new in the garden.

The new 2014 edition is out now. You can order a copy in the post, or via email. Just send an email request to

In this quarter’s edition are Gardening Tips, 2013 Highlights from Gardenproud, some ideas for Window Boxes, details of our latest Equipment updates – of special interest to the demands of larger gardens, our latest recruit, and news of our latest Design Projects.

Window Boxes to admire!

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Window boxes look wonderful.

But like all good ideas they can become neglected, especially if they are in sitting in awkward places where it’s a real chore to get to them.

Then there is the connundrum, do you go for colour? Or do you go for evergreen foliage? Colour can look wonderful and cheer up a sometimes drab exterior. But if it’s colour then you need to plan for seasonal changes which costs money and takes time.

Then there’s the maintenance, everything from planting, feeding, watering and trimming.

And if you are lucky enough to be a landlord there’s the cooperation of the tenant that needs to be factored in.

Well we recently faced all of these challenges with one of the rented properties we care for.  Despite some obvious reservations we put forward a strategy to replace the existing buxus topiary with some artificial copies. The finished result looks very smart!

As a casual passer by it would be difficult to determine that these box balls weren’t real, the advantage is that we don’t have to scale ladders to water them, trim them or replace them. This saves labour, equipment, money on plants, feed etc.

We filled the faux lead planters with soil, then secured the box balls into the earth, then infilled the tops with attractive slate chippings, but you could use different techniques to achieve similar effects.

The end result?

The Client thinks they look great!

There are quite a few suppliers of artificial plants, many like these have a colour fastness to them that will help them deal with the outdoor environment. There are a whole host of different plant styles. Our suggestion would be to go to the reputable suppliers and buy branded products, this way you have some recourse if you have any problems and generally they seem to be better made and have more realistic leaf shapes and colours.

For further information please contact Tim Sykes at Gardenproud on 07725 173820.