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Why Is Decking So Popular in Garden Landscaping?

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

1. Decking can be used to cover unwanted surfaces. The deck is strong enough to ensure that foot traffic is supported. An area which previously was of little use, can be turned around and used for socialising.

2. Decking can be used to give the impression of uniformity by creating steps and levels. In doing so, it has the ability to counteract uneven landscape.

3. It has the added benefits of making the garden easier to navigate around. Garden design is often focused on making better use of space and decking can help achieve this goal.

4. Decking which has been well designed can add value to a property. Decking can be seen as an extension of the property thereby making it look bigger.

Which Materials Are Used For Decking?

There are two popular alternatives, wood and composite. The attraction of using composite originates from its maintenance free characteristics and its lifecycle. On the other hand, wood enjoys a reputation of been resistant to fire (in the case of Cumaru and Ipe woods which have the same fire rating as steel) and a positive interaction with staining, a process which can rejuvenate the wood to make it appear new again. Before choosing one instead of the other, talk to Gatdenproud about the best options for your particular garden.

●      Reasons to consider composite – Low maintenance required, long life and affordability.

●      Reasons to consider wood – Fire resistant, no need for preservatives and sealants, and unaffected by insects, fungus and acids.

Is Decking Hard To Maintain?

By now you know that composite decking requires little care which means that this section is intended for those who have wood decking fitted, which incidentally is also the most popular type of decking in the UK.

Wood decking maintenance takes just a few minutes and revolves around regular cleaning. The more frequent you clean the wood, the less time it will take next time around. Start by making sure that the decking surface is free of any clutter, obstacles and garden furniture. When doing so, do not drag furniture on the surface of the wood as it might scratch the wood. Using a stiff broom brush the area to get rid of any dirt which has accumulated over time. If you have a jet washer wash the wood ensuring that you cover every plank and every edge. Now that the decking is completely clean, you will need to treat the wood. The best result is achieved by using decking oil, which will seal the wood by penetrating the surface leaving a natural looking finish.

Bonus tip – After the winter months, the surface might contain stains from debris, food or any other material. To remove these stains, use soda crystals in conjunction with warm water. Spray warm (not boiling!) water on the surface of the deck and then spray soda crystals. Allow the deck to dry naturally and wash away using a jet wash. This treatment will do wonders and is often cheaper compared to commercial cleaning solution.

If you are considering fitting garden decking, talk to Gardenproud. There are almost endless combinations and very few limitations when using decking, which is why you will benefit from a professional service.

Article kindly provided by Wood and Beyond, vendors of wood products, from solid wood flooring to engineered wood flooring.